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We have been trading traditional and crypto markets since 2004 and our strategies have survived the highs and lows. While others have lost it all, we have been consistently profitable year after year.

Investors and traders need solid and efficient trading as well as a proven risk management strategy.
We want to share our knowledge with you.


We have been where you are.

You may have wealth or you may be completely broke. Our team has been there.

After divorces, financial mistakes, and series of successess we have finally made it to the other side. We feel obligated to share our knowledge of investing, trading, and wealth protection. That's why we are doing this.


All of our partnerships are tools, platforms, and communities that we personally use and we can vouch for. We have a direct relationship with the team leaders and we are in constant communication with them regularly. If you see a partnership or a logo on our site, you know that the service is trustworthy and trading professionals are using these services to make better trades.

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